Hire Wisteria Trees

There’s something about the tumbling wisteria petals swaying in the breeze that brings out the romantic in people. From Wisteria Pom to Grande Wisteria, you can’t fault the delicate nor be anything but impressed. If you are after a bold yet feminine scene-setter, these trees are for you.

Wisteria pom

Our wisteria poms are ideal for use at the end of an aisle or inside a marquee. With their realistic blooms they create a romantic floral display at a fraction of the price of using real flora. The poms truly compliment the wisteria tree and look sensational mixed with the white and green LED maples.

Standing at 1.8m in height, 1.2m diameter.

Wisteria tree

Our wisteria tree is significant in size and makes a serious statement. Standing at 4.2m tall this tree is not only beautiful, it’s incredibly impressive. The trunk is sculpted from resin and then hand-painted to create a lifelike effect whilst the silk petals tumble down delicately from the branches.

Whether used as a grand centrepiece for an event, romantic setting for a ceremony or raised above a bar in all its splendour, the wisteria tree cannot fail to impress.

The tree is 4.2m in height, 3.2m diameter.

Hire Grande Wisteria Trees by Twilight Trees

Grande wisteria tree

Standing at the same height as our existing wisterias, this tree is an extra 1.3m wide meaning the total width is a whopping and curvaceous 4.5m – it is wider than is it is tall! This will give us and our clients the opportunity to intermingle these with other wisterias and trees where real floral volume is needed to make an extra statement.

Wisteria Trees continue to be a favourite with our brides and event planners as they conjure up a vision of romance. The waterfall effect of the petals creates a truly magnificent backdrop.

The tree is 4.2m in height and 4.5m diameter.

Wisteria branches in white and violet

Wisteria branches are perfectly versatile. You can use individual springs to introduce additional colour tones and dimensions into existing trees or they can be used to create a feature on their own. Available in white or violet, these soft silk mix blooms are formed of multiple delicate petals and contrasted against its natural greenery. The perfect compliment to the Wisteria and Grande Wisteria trees, the Wisteria Poms and Wisteria Arches. The Wisteria Branches open a door to all kinds of creativity and our team looks forward to presenting the perfect styling options for your wedding or event.

Wisteria arch by Twilight Trees

Wisteria arch in white

These whimsical wisteria arches stand at 2.5 metres both tall and wide and create a perfect pairing of nature and romance. Wisteria has such a short seasonality and is so delicate in nature that to be able to create something so realistic out of faux blooms is really quite special. Use as a gateway to your secret garden party or listen to the blooms gently swaying in the breeze above as you say I do…

How tree hire works in 3 simple steps

  1. Contact us to discuss your event and requirements
  2. Our team will arrive at the agreed time and place and install the LED trees for you
  3. After your event our team will come back and take them away

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