Twilight Trees Personalisation

Our design team are magicians at styling our trees. Whether you are looking for a modern and sleek finish or rustic and natural, we will create a look that perfectly brings to life your event.

“Your Twilight Trees made my daughter’s wedding a fairytale we all believed it to be.
You transformed an institutional room into a sparking forest.”

Design Options and Final Touches

Twilight Trees are incredibly versatile but it’s the finish of the tree that will truly set the tone.

Plinths, pots and wooden surrounds can dramatically change the scale and feel of the trees. They can be made to any dimension and finished with an endless array of design elements. Plinths can also be used to raise the height of a tree so as not to obstruct the eye-line or so that staff can work underneath a tree raised in the centre of a bar.

Bases can be painted, branded, or dressed in a varying array of materials. Felt covered bases tend to be sleek and sophisticated and glass or acrylic mirrored fascia create a polished and modern look. Hessian is rustic yet classic and moss works particularly well alongside our whole range. Other options include pebbles, sand, wood or slate chips. We often collaborate with florists and have strong links with both faux and real grass companies.


We have an eclectic range of accessories to add that little something extra to your event. Whether it be a tea light for your table or an array of exotic birds. Here is an example of some of our accessories but if you don’t see what you’re looking for please just ask.

Plinths & Branding Opportunities

Our trees present the perfect opportunity to add some branding to your event. Why not use our design service to have a plinth or our circular bench branded with your logo or brand message, ideal for marketing activations and sponsorship opportunities. Made to order. POA