Faux hydrangea in terracotta pot

£126.00 Inc VAT

This Hydrangea is rustic, vibrant and contemporary. The flower heads are made up of tens if not hundreds of individually shaped petals. The colours fade from dusky cerise to milky greens and yellows whilst other heads pair multi-tonal fuchsia’s with silks in berry shades. The leaves are sizeable and etched with the utmost detail. The fresh green of the leaves is vibrant, contrasting and pulls the whole look together. The pot is terracotta in colour but with layers of textured brushstrokes in rustic tones giving the pot an aged yet stylish feel. The pot is filled with soil so realistic we genuinely couldn’t tell it part from the real deal. This is a stunning feature for any space and never fails to charm.

Height: 50cm, Width: 45cm


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