Under the Canopy

Pink blossom trees by Twilight Trees

Under the Canopy

Dear friends,

Normally in our news, we like to take a lighthearted look back through our month of productions, sharing a few of the happy events, locations and people that make up our Twilight world. This is an insight into the wonderful time we have running Twilight Trees and creating incredible experiences.

Spring has sprung, the days are getting longer and we would by this stage have shown a plethora of blossoms at weddings, corporate launches and family celebrations.  Now of course, sadly for all those involved, these have been postponed or worse, cancelled. We feel desperately sorry for all the brides and grooms who have had to press pause but as we have all come to realise, our health and that of our families is more important than anything.

Indeed, this month we have had some happy family news with the birth of not one but two Twilight babies, Alice and Aurora, sweetest daughters of Amelia and James, Sheldon and Lee. We can’t wait to meet them!

This is a time for recalibration. We will come through this and when we do our tight-knit creative team here at Twilight Trees and the industry within which we work will emerge anew.  As a nation, we will bounce back with vigour and we will all hopefully have altered for the better.

Pink blossom trees by Twilight Trees

In the meantime, we will leave you with an image of an installation created just three weeks ago to celebrate cherry blossom season in Japan and to promote Roku Gin at the Harbar on 6th at The Harbour Hotel, Southampton. Wouldn’t it be fab to go there for a blossom afternoon tea or a G&T sundowner once this is all over?

Take care of yourself and look after each other.

Susie and the team

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